Revolutionary Anti-Theft ‘SmartWater’

A New Standard in Fighting Crime!

Now envy can literally turn you green.


SmartWater, an invisible liquid that can only be seen under ultraviolet light, is poised to take the top spot in anti-theft technology. Thieves beware, because it may just be coming to a town near you.


Each vial of SmartWater contains a unique forensic formula that is stored in a massive database. This code is then linked to the purchaser, who can then spray the hazard-free solution on their valuable possessions. This effectively allows users to “mark” their things with a traceable, one of a kind code.

Objects marked with SmartWater will transfer the liquid to the clothes or skin of potential thieves, and will stay there for a minimum of 5 years. This ensures that stolen property, as well as criminals, can be identified easily and safely by police.

SmartWater as an anti-theft measure has already seen great success in both in the US and abroad, and is currently being planned to debut in various cities across the US.



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