20 tips how to attract money


Money corrupts man!
– Told us in childhood.

However, the bitter experience of life shows that man is corrupted not be money, but by lack of them.

For the most vicious, for example and unhappy life are those who feel a lack of financial resources. You did not notice?

You can disagree, but it is well-being of our results. After all, the quality of life depends on how we eat, shall rest, and so on.

And for all this we have to pay. In addition, the money gives us a sense of security and we can don’t worry about everyday household matters.

But why the money is just one man’s sticky, and the other, no matter what he do, just end with the ends of the stick?

There are a lot of people’s advice on how to attract money.

In many nations where people wear a variety of charms, for example.: Russian five ruble banknote in the pocket, the Americans – the first dollar earned by the Germans – a curved coin with a hole.

Superstitions and proverbs on the subject as well as a number, for example.: Brits say, “if you’re short of money thrown spider into a wallet, spider will make a web that will help you to get money.

Very popular around the world saying that in order to have money, they should never be bent or curled to carry a wallet.

Maybe all this sounds silly, but who can deny these suggestions.

Therefore, you provide as many as 20 different people advice on how to become rich:

Bills and coins, better take with your left hand and with right hand give away money.

On Monday and Sunday you can not borrow money, because otherwise the borrower will not give it back.

The best day to give back borrowed money is Monday.

Pay taxes only in the morning, because if you did it in the evening you will remain without a penny.

Debt repayment, bill fold and dispose of it folded edge away from you.

Never give anything to anyone through a threshold, and especially in the evening or at night.

Clean house only in the daytime, otherwise you will carry up along with the house money.

If the money fell out of the wallet, get it only with your right hand.

Before entering the new house, drop a coin in front of you, best is silver coin.

In home (in the mattress, desk drawer or elsewhere) always keep a few small bills.

When donating money mentally repeat: “it will come back to me”.

Giving someone money, do not look at a person’s face.

Have a moneybox at home and throw small coins into it.

Do not count the number of their build-up.

Do not pick up lost money on the street.

Buy a money tree (Feng shui-tip).
Keep objects symbolizing the property in south west side of the house.

If you keep your money at home, store them in an envelope, preferably in red color.

Do not keep empty wallets in house. Throw into them a one-cent coin.

Money, which you won in a lottery or a casino, try to spend as quickly as possible, because they are attracted to fail.

Believe that you really deserve a lot of money and money will find you by themselves.

Psychologists say that every man can program them selves.

So if someone does not have the money so they can just blame their selves.

In order to enrich others can not complain that the poor live, as you will live.

It is better to constantly repeat that you are wealthy.

Avoid any conversation about the lack of money, and look down, stop listening to bad news.

Tell yourself that tomorrow your financial situation will improve, and believe in it.

Feel free to go toward financial independence!


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