Uganda’s First Electric Car

Takea good look at that lime green hornet pictured above, because it may justherald the dawn of a new era in Ugandan transportation.

Known as the Kiira EV,this plug-in was designed by students at MakerereUniversity in Uganda, where electric cars, as you might imagine, are somethingof a rare commodity.

In fact, local media outlets are heralding the Kiira asthe first EV ever produced within the central African country, and it’s not tooshabby, either.

On Tuesday, after nearly three years of development, thetwo-seater successfully completed its first test run, reaching a top speed of65 kilometers per hour and nimbly making its way up a 55-degree incline.

According to Paul Isaac Musasizi, who oversaw the project, the Kiira is capableof maxing out at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour, and can run for up to 80kilometers on a single charge.

Aside from its steering wheel and otheraccessories, every other component was designed and constructed domestically.

Perhaps more important than the Kiira EV’s specs, however, is what itsymbolizes for Uganda.

“When we started the project, we wanted todemonstrate that Uganda has as good talent as that in the US or Germany,”Musasizi told Uganda’s Daily Monitor.

“Now that this is over, weexpect and want it to be taken up.

” It remains to be seen whether the Kiiraactually enters production anytime soon, but Musasizi says his team is alreadyworking on a 28-seat EV for public transportation, underscoring theircommitment to bringing green technology to their country.

Hum past the break tosee video of the momentous occasion, along with coverage from Uganda’s NTV.







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